Before your airbrush tan (tricks and tips):

  1. THOROUGHLY exfoliate (preferably with exfoliating mitts) before your airbrush tan. Exfoliating is the most important step in preparing your skin for your tan! it ensures that your skin is even, which creates an even tan.

  2. Waxing, showering, shaving, mani/pedis, and hair appointments should all be done before your airbrush. All of these can remove your tan.

  3. Do not apply any lotions, creams, face moisturizers, deodorants, or perfumes before your airbrush. These create a barrier, preventing the tanning solution from absorbing properly into your skin.

  4. Remove all makeup.

  5. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and sandals to your appointment. Tight jeans, leggings, and yoga pants are all not recommended spray tan attire.

  6. You won’t be able to sweat, swim, or bathe for 8-10 hours after your airbrush, so plan accordingly!


After your airbrush tan (tricks and tips):

  1. DO NOT shower, sweat, or swim for 8-10 hours after your airbrush. Your tan needs to develop.

  2. Avoid tight fitting clothing for the next 5-6 hours. This includes bras, socks, sneakers and spandex.

  3. Your first shower is mostly a rinse. Avoid using any abrasive materials and use a mild/moisturizing body wash. You will see color run off in the shower… this is normal! Cosmetic bronzers are added to our solution. This is what you are seeing wash off.

  4. Pat your skin dry with your towel.

  5. Apply a moisturizer all over your body twice a day… once in the morning and once at night In order to maintain your tan, you must keep your skin moisturized. Splotches, scales, and streaks are most often caused by over-dry skin.

  6. Before your next airbrush, be sure to scrub off any and all leftover solution from your previous tan. Overlapping is not recommended.